Monday, January 01, 2007

My brother & Cousin


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,

Aurangzeb, as he was according to Mughal Records (based on Historical Research and Documents provided by the Bikaner Museum Archives)

Please view online exhibition at

He was a tyrant in the truest sense... he single handedly ordered destruction of over 5000 Hindu Temples... and even today, he is glorified and there are towns and roads named after him in India like the posh Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi.



Ramesh N.

ps: please forward this to your friends.

1:05 PM  
Blogger Islamoblogger said...

To the commenter above. Aurangzeb in herited a crumbling Mughal Empire. He destroyed Mosques too, and killed Muslims as well.

His rationale for destroying Hindu Temples wasn't b/c they were places of worship for Hindus, he destroyed them b/c they were places of gathering for rebels to the Mughal Empire.

Right or wrong, if you are King/Sultan of a land and are holding it through force, while simultaneously trying to expand rule, you do not let people just take over and rebel. You squash rebellion by any means. In Aurangzeb's case, he did it by destroying the places where the rebellions were organized from; the Temples.

Under Aurangzeb, more Hindus under the Mughal rule, than ever, were appropriated land.

Simply saying Aurangzeb was a tyrant b/c he destroyed Hindu Temples, without understanding how he ruled, or the circumstances of his rule is revisionist history.

8:07 AM  
Blogger intlhcp said...

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